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A letter to the customers

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Dear customers:

September is the season of the harvest .Tomorrow is the annual Mid Autumn Festival., this is one of the Chinese traditional festivals in which Chinese celebrate the festival of reunion. Happy Mid- Autumn Festival. On this occasion, we Jingya express our heartfelt thanks to you! Thank you for your sincere cooperation!thanks to your trust and support, our cleanroom products is more and more recognized and accepted.
In the past days, we cooperated with you. With your support,we are developing.Jingya technology is committed to offering one-stop solution for cleaning, anti-static products and polishing materials.With your sincere trust of our products and service, we attracted a group of people of insight, a large number of enthusiastic customers. We are proud of having an excellent sales partner like you.
Every company in modern society faces the keen competition. We will also be positive in the face of challenges and opportunities.We hope to become a leader  in cleanroom wiper and anti-static clean areas, an expert of polishing abrasive materials.We adheres to the concept ofall for clean", providing technical solutions of anti-static fileds ,polishing and grinding materials for customers, creating opportunities for employees and create benefits for shareholders and society. dear my friends, Thank you for support.

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