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Cleanroom wiper makes products more cleanliness

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Nowadays,We has entered the era of rapid development of electronic products . It is very strict for the cleanliness in electronic indurstry. The cleanroom wiper can help your workshop to remove dust, effectively prevent particle contamination in cleanroom, improve the production efficiency and increase the revenue of the company.
The cleanroom wiper is construsted from polyester or microfiber with soft surface.It is applied to the camera,lens and pad.If the particle enter  into the cleanroom,the tiny dust will enter into the products and effect the quality.If the dust enter into the camera,it will effect the quality of the picture.Now,everyone has smartphones,when the dust enters into the screen,We can imagine the consequences.
Using cleanroom wiper in the cleanroom,it will protect the electronic products,no scratches,no residues after wiping,effectively prevent the release of fibers and particles.It also has excellent water and oil absorption and high dust remove effect.There have three advantages:low ion and particle content,no scratches,no residues.With the help of cleanroom wiper,the camera and the screen will be more clear.
It has many advantages that cleanroom wipers are applied to cleanroom.High dust remove effect, so that the products are best-selling.

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